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Grocery List Spreadsheet

I’m sharing my grocery spreadsheet. It helps me stay organized and keep on track with my grocery list while I’m in the store. I pull all of my coupons out of my coupon binder prior to shopping. I always bring my binder with me to the store in case I find a good deal on something not on my list that I have a coupon for. I have an upcoming post for how to make your own coupon binder, so watch for that in the next few days 🙂 Download my grocerylist and stay organized as you shop.

Another option to download via google drive. Click on the link and then within google click
open with
Google Sheets

A few features of this spreadsheet.

  • Top row is open to calculate your $/$$ order coupons
  • Several rows calculate b1g1f items
  • Remaing rows calculate regular/sale price items
  • Multiple columns for different value coupons
  • Calculates total coupons
  • Calculates total order before and after b1g1f, which helps figure out how many dollar value coupons you can use (ex. $5/$50 use 2 for a $100 total after b1g1g, but the total before coupons) This is the bottom subtotal under price column.
  • Calculates total oop after coupons/before tax
  • Helps you compare your list w/ your receipt to check for errors

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  1. tricia

    could you email this to me please? I can’t get it to extract right? thanks!

  2. Tampa Coupon Mama

    I made some changes to the file. Please let me know if you are still having trouble downloading it.

  3. Valarie

    Requesting a copy of grocery list spreadsheet. Thanks!

    1. Tampa Coupon Mama

      Hi Valarie,

      You should be able to download the spreadsheet using the link above. Let me know if you have any problems.

  4. Victoria

    I try to download the spread sheet and it did not work. Can you please email it to me

  5. Jill Pearson

    I’d like one please

    1. Tampa Coupon Mama

      I added a new link to open it within google drive. Please let me know if you still have a problem downloading it.


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